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Community Blogs, Podcasts & Video - Feb 2018

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; February 2018

So that's January safely negotiated - some of you may even still have your new year's resolutions intact.  Was it as dry a start to the year as you'd vowed it to be?  Did you successfully become a vegan for 31 days?  Did you manage to complete 'Run Every Day' January?  Whether you've kept to those promises or not there is no escaping the fact that the season is really not far away, with some major half marathons coming up in the next month or so, and then headlong in to peak marathon season, then into multisports.

This month we bring you another selection of what's caught our attention over the …

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Community Blogs, Podcasts & Video - Jan 2018

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; January 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR - We do hope that you enjoyed the festive season, and if you over indulged a little at times then that's ok, you're in good company, but now's the time to look to the year ahead and focus on what it is you truly want to achieve in 2018.  Your goals may comprise of all manner of things, but the best ones are realistic, even if they are a bit of a stretch.  For those with more ambitious targets, make sure you set goals along the road to keep you on track and keep motivation high. 

So, whether you are chasing a PB, looking to increase distances or frequency of training and racing we wis…

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Race to Hong Kong International Commerce Centre

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; December 2017

Here I was, travelling to Hong Kong for a real busman’s holiday, combining business with pleasure – my modus operandi. In all honesty I’ve organised more stair climbs than I have actually competed in, but here I was 6,000 miles from home, ready to compete in one of the biggest stair climb events in the calendar. This was ‘The Race to Hong Kong ICC’, a climb attracting 2,000 participants to the tallest building in Hong Kong, The International Commerce Centre. The ICC climbs 484m and 108 floors, although those floors are actually numbered up to the 118th, but due to the prevalence of tetraphobia …

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A step up – what is it like tower-running up a 35-storey building?

Richard Nelsson; The Guardian; December 2017

Running up a seemingly endless flight of steps in a brightly lit, white-walled stairwell, I felt as if I was trapped in a psychological thriller. Muffled sounds of heavy breathing and disembodied voices drifted down from above, while from behind me I could hear someone’s footsteps getting closer.

I was climbing the 877 steps of the 35-storey Broadgate Tower in the City of London, the latest venue for a mass-participation tower-running event. More than 100 of us were making at least one ascent of the skyscraper.

Tower running, or stair climbing, is a sport that is gradually becoming established in …

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Community Blogs, Podcasts & Video - Dec 2017

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; December 2017

Welcome to our monthly mailing sharing with you the things that we've enjoyed watching, listening to and reading over the last month.  This month we're taking a look at extreme feats of human endurance with Adrian Sarchet's film about his upcoming North Channel swim, to Bryan Williams' 490 mile Colorado trail run.  We also cover some events that you can take part in too form the well known MdS, to the less well known Brutal Extreme Triathlons and The Dragon's Back mountain race.  People do some amazing events, but everybody's 'Everest' is different and specific to them.  What's yours?


The Broadgate Tower Run Up 2017 - Race Roundup

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, November 2017

Saturday 25th November saw the last stair climb event in the UK of 2017 at the home of UK Towerrunning, Broadgate Tower.

Total Motion are always looking for ways to tailor events to the audience and at The Broadgate Tower Run Up in 2017 we did just that. Not only did we give the opportunity to raise money to more charities, with 20 great causes benefitting from the event, but we also gave those participants new ways to push their own limits and boost their fundraising.

In addition to the single climb option, climbers were also presented with the triple climb, ¼ vertical mile challenge for the…

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Les Battles De Montmartre

Matt Hudson / Sonja Shakespeare / David Harris; Total Motion Towerrunners; November 2017

Paris plays host to some fantastic stair climb events staging one of only two European events on The Vertical World Circuit; VeritGO at Tour First, as well as the spectacular La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel. The Eiffel Tower stair climb is preparing for its 4th Edition in March next year, and the annual scramble for one of the hottest tickets in the stair climb calendar has begun. Places are limited in number; corresponding to the age of the imposing landmark - in 2018 there will be 129 places allocated to top ranking elites, wildcards and some fortunate …

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Community Blogs, Podcasts & Video Nov 2017

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; November 2017

Welcome to our monthly mailing sharing with you the things that we've enjoyed watching, listening to and reading over the last month.  This month we focus on cycling where we have seen a few great events take place at The Lee Valley VeloPark and Windsor Great Park.  In addition we got the announcement of the 2018 TdF and La Course routes, albeit with some controversy around the latter.  For good measure there are a few things Strava related including a great podcast with the Chairman and Co Founder Mark Gainey.  Plenty to keep you occupied for a few hours on a turbo.

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Health Benefits of Stair Climbing

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, October 2017

Who even knew that the use of steps in fitness could be a thing prior Gin Miller’s doctor telling her to use an upturned milk crate to provide a low impact knee strengthening exercise. Reebok took this to the next level, recruiting Miller as an ambassador and introducing the ‘Step’ to the aerobics studio in the late 80s. Prior to all of this the use of stairs was limited to step-ups in the few weeks prior to a school ski trip….wow, shockingly I remember this too well!!

Stepper leg toners came next, via QVC, before larger scale stair equipment became part of the mainstream gym setup with Versacl…

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SLSC SwimRuns 2018

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, October 2017

After the success of the inaugural SLSC SwimRun Series in 2017, we are all set to bring it back for the 2018 season.  If you joined us in 2017, then you will know how much fun these events were.  If you didn't then come and join us at Tooting Bec Lido for 4 swims and 4 runs and see what all of the fuss is about.

By way of a recap as to what the SwimRun is all about; competitors will alternate between swimming and running completing a total of 1km in the lido and 8.8km  around Tooting Common over 4 swims and 4 runs.  This will all be professionally chip timed, giving you your time print out as s…


Yorkshire Marathon 2017

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, October 2017

After the highs of the Manchester Marathon earlier this year I couldn’t wait to get signed up to another event with the express intention of trying to improve on my newly recorded PB of 3:36:37. After seeing the Yorkshire Marathon advertised everywhere and being reassured that contrary to my preconceived notions it was actually a flat course, I took the plunge.

I signed up with my marathon co-conspirator Kerry, but sadly due to injury he was unable to make it to the start line, but there was no one I’d rather have had as support crew over the weekend. Not only did we stay with his family on the…

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Community Blogs & Podcasts Oct 2017

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; October 2017

Welcome to the second monthly mailing sharing with you the things that we've enjoyed reading and listening to over the last month.  Total Motion Events also hosted two successful events at Tooting Lido in September, so great to see so many of you over those two weekends.  Plans are afoot to build on the aquathlons and swimruns into 2018, and we hope to bring you bigger and better events in the coming year.  

From a personal point of view I ran The Reigate Half Marathon - very hilly - where I had the privilege of running with pacer Paul Addicott, a really nice guy who cares passionately about the ru…


Run Reigate Half Marathon 2017

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, September 2017

It was never in my plan to run the half marathon in Reigate last weekend. I had picked out the Ealing Half, which takes place this coming Sunday, as my pre-Yorkshire Marathon half marathon, and where I was going to judge my fitness level against that of earlier in the year. I’d heard such good things about the award winning event in Ealing, that I was super keen to experience it for myself. However, running Total Motion means that often I am at events at weekends, and so the second SLSC SwimRun event at Tooting Lido of course takes priority. It was only after an Instagram exchange with prolifi…

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Community Blogs & Podcasts Sept 2017

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; September 2017

We love organising events, we also love competing in them and following the stories of others who are motivated in their training and committed in their races to give their very best.  This applies to everyone whether they are competing for the very first time, or indeed are challenging for the podium places.  

Here we pick out a few of the blogs from the Total Motion community that we have enjoyed reading and podcasts from further afield that have accompanied our training as we strive for those elusive PBs.  Enjoy!

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Prudential RideLondon 2017

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, July 2017

Having competed in this event in 2015 I was super keen to give it another go. Well, yesterday was my time having deferred my ballot entry form 2016 to experience again the excitement of blasting through London without the distractions of traffic lights, cars and pedestrians.

Much of my training in 2017 has been geared to specific events. The early months were focused on getting ready to right some wrongs in the Manchester Marathon, so understandably I was fully focused on my training plan to get to the start line in the best shape possible. Training that resulted in a huge PB. Subsequently I becam…

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The Broadgate Tower Run Up – What's it all about?

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, June 2017

On Saturday 25th November 2017 Broadgate Tower in The City of London plays host to the second annual Broadgate Tower Run Up. In 2017 this event promises to be a real celebration of towerrunning, so much more than just climbing a stairwell. For the first time at a UK stair climb event we are offering multiple climb options alongside the Towerrunning UK Championship final with the opportunity to raise money for a variety of good causes.

So, let’s start at the beginning, what exactly is towerrunning? Towerrunning/stair climbing/vertical running – the sport comes under many pseudonyms, but they all re…

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Urban swimruns: feet first into the fast-growing endurance sport

Richard Nelsson; The Guardian; June 2017

Swimruns are now a firm fixture in the adventure race calendar: over the coming months there’s Breca Buttermere in the Lake District, LoveSwimRun in Snowdonia, Ötillö’s Isles of Scilly race, and many more.

But you don’t have to head to the hills or remote coastlines to experience this fusion of trail running and open-water swimming. Swimruns are now popping up in more accessible urban areas, with shorter (and cheaper) courses, appealing to both newcomers and the experienced alike. On a chilly and drizzly evening last week, I took part in a one such swimrun around south-west London’s Tooting Common an…

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Suzy Walsham – Why you should join a Vertical Race

Nicole Ganglani, Pinoy Fitness, June 2017

Vertical running is not your ordinary type of sport. Today, running up and down the stairs is not your normal type of exercise anymore, but a sport that has helped impact the fitness lives of people around the world. One of who, is Suzy Walsham, the world’s top ranked female tower runner who is set to compete in her 88th race this July at the Kerry Sports Vertical Run in Shangri-La, Fort.

Her story and love for vertical running began when she was 33 years old. For some people, being 33 might be a little too late to start something new, especially if it involves the challenge of one’s stamina, endura…

Paul Addicott Pacing.jpg

So you want to run a marathon.

Paul Addicott, Pick Up The Pace Paul, May 2017

Paul Addicott's introduction to marathon running came relatively late for him, but having been bitten by the bug Paul has now racked up 20+ marathons (many as a pacer!), a handful of 100k's and an Ironman, so he knows what he's talking about.  With a few high profile marathons in April and last week's VLM2018 ballot entries, marathon virgins begin to contemplate the challenge. Here Paul gives you some words of encouragement towards your goal.  

PA "I have seen so many posts over the years giving advice to people for running a marathon. Some of it good, some of it wouldn’t be the advice I would …

SJ Corp Wellness.jpeg

Corporate wellness: an evidence based guide for employers

StepJockey, April 2017

Wellness is defined as ‘being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort’. It’s an approach to health that emphasises preventing illness and maintaining good health, as opposed to simply focusing on treating diseases.

Modern corporate wellness programs extend beyond traditional ‘health and safety’ and ‘occupational health’ schemes to tackle ‘lifestyle’ risks associated with modern work. 


Manchester Marathon 2017

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, April 2017

After running the Manchester Marathon in 2016 I really felt that I had some unfinished business here. If the course was billed as amongst the flattest and fastest in the UK then why didn’t I do better? Was it my training, was it the weather, nutrition or was it just not my day – hard to say, but none of these stood out prominently enough for me to refer to them as ‘my excuse’ as to why I could barely break the 4 hour barrier on the day.

So, with Manchester still providing one of the best alternatives to the VLM I set about rewriting the record books.

I approached my training with more rigidity, …

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Shooting Star Chase Tower Run Race Report

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, March 2017

Stair Climbing returned to The Broadgate Tower for the second time in March with Shooting Star Chase the host charity, rounding off a packed month of towerrunning in the UK and beyond.

Over 100 runners assembled for the climb including a near-full house of the Total Motion Towerrunners and including several veterans of the La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel, with a guest appearance from Chris Van Glahn of the USA rounding off his tower running tour of Europe.

All eyes were on the elites as they set off in the first wave of the day. The majority of events in the UK so far in 2017 have been won by Mar…

Eiffel Tower 1905.png

The Origins of La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel

Patrick Gallagher, TowerrunningUK, March 2017

The third edition of La Verticale de la Tour Eiffel takes place this week on Thursday 16th of March. Among the racers taking part this year will be the reigning world champion, Piotr Lobodzinski, who’ll be aiming to make it three wins in a row in Paris.

With its narrow field of participants – only 128 this year – and, of course, its iconic venue, entrance to La Verticale is one of the most sought after in the tower running calendar.

Tracing its origins back as far as 1905, the Eiffel Tower stair climb is probably the world’s oldest tower run. Though the first organised stair climb goes back a c…


Conquer The Broadgate Tower Race Report

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, March 2017

Saturday 4th March saw the 2nd leg of the UK Towerrunning Championship hot on the heals of the Christie Tower Run at Manchester’s Beetham Tower last weekend and ahead of a busy month of towerrunning in the UK and beyond. 

‘Conquer The Broadgate Tower’ for Action On Hearing Loss saw a great turnout from the UK based registered athletes competing as the newly formed Total Motion Towerrunners. All in all 9 members of the team were present and with some established names competing alongside some newer runners the top positions were dominated by the team.

After just 2 races of the championship it is …

Gary Laybourne 1080 x 1080.jpg

The Total Motion Aquathlon - Athlete Profile – Gary Laybourne

Gary Laybourne/Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, March 2017

In the third of our series profiling GB AG athletes that will be appearing at the Total Motion Aquathlon in April, here we introduce Gary Laybourne.  Gary is the reigning European Aquathlon AG champion and National middle distance gold medalist and so will be providing some stiff competition in April at Tooting Lido, although neither swimming or running are his favourite disciplines.  Be concerned if you hear the Prodigy playing at any point - just what he needs to pick up the pace.

Name:                      Gary Laybourne
Tri Club:                   South London Harriers Tri Club …

Jess Thorpe GB.jpeg

The Total Motion Aquathlon - Athlete Profile – Jess Thorpe

Jess Thorpe/Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, February 2017

In the second of our series profiling GB AG athletes that will be appearing at the Total Motion Aquathlon in April, here we introduce Jess Thorpe.  Jess has been successfully representing her country since 2013 with the fantastic support of Team Dillon & SwansUK.  She is certainly a highly motivated competitor and attributes her success in part to the elite athletes that she has trained besides.  Find out what's on Jess' playlist when she needs to train hard and discover her secret source of energy as well as what events may lie ahead..

Name:                     Jess Thorpe
Tri …


The Total Motion Aquathlon - Athlete Profile – Yiannis Christodoulou

Yiannis Christodoulou/Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, February 2017

In the first in a series of profiles of GB AG athletes that will be appearing at The Total Motion Aquathlon on April 29th, here we introduce Yiannis Christodoulou. Many of you will be familiar with Yiannis for his fantastic running ability and success in aquathlons in recent years. If you’re not familiar with his competitive accomplishments then chances are you will have seen his hugely popular blogs via his Twitter and Instagram profiles. Total Motion asks the man himself about how he stays motivated and what he can’t live without in the pursuit of his goals..

Name:     …


Creating An Event For You

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, 9th February 2017

Welcome to Total Motion Events, the specialist events company for corporates looking to engage their employees and charities aiming to create a bespoke event for their supporters.  We create all types of events from running and multisport all the way through to the increasingly popular stair climbs. 

Total Motion Events can take away all the tasks involved in organising an event and manage everything from sourcing a venue through to advertising and promotional support, leaving you free to focus on increasing employee or supporter participation.

Safaricom Blog.jpg

Run With The Wild. The Safaricom Marathon

Nick Wright, Ker & Downey Africa, 20th January 2017

The Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya is home to buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant and rhino, but somehow, every year, over a thousand people decide they’d like to run through it in the Safaricom Marathon.  Nick Wright talks to Total Motion's Matt Hudson about his experiences of running with the wildlife.

Kicking up dust through lion territory requires serious courage, and well organised protection. Which is why Tusk – the conservation giant that organizes the Safaricom Marathon – arranges 140 armed rangers and 3 spotter helicopters to protect the runners as they race through …

Success Failure.jpg

One year on - Is the grass greener?

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, 19th December 2016

If you are only the average of the friends you spend most of your time with then it was at some point inevitable that my career would lead me down the path of self-employment. My focus consciously turned in this direction over 2014 and through 2015 when I began to investigate exactly what that new career could look like. I invested a lot of time, energy and money in searching for that elusive idea that would provide me with the nucleus of a business plan. Like so many people who feel the need to break free and escape the corporate shackles, I initially didn’t know what I was attempting to …

Triathlon Kit.jpg

Are you an Instagram Triathlete?

Matt Hudson, Total Motion Events, 4th November 2016

These past few weeks and months I have been paying closer and closer attention to Instagram (yes, I know I am somewhat behind the curve!), and specifically to those people who spend their time in the world of multisport.  As I peruse through the #triathlon posts I can’t help but notice the themes running through the feeds of those committed triathletes.  

On a Friday afternoon I take a tongue in cheek look at the top 11 things you need to be posting in your feed to be considered an Instagram triathlete, and gain those vanity inducing followers. For the sake of comparison I have included my…

Fitter Lifestyle blog.jpg

Answer: A fitter lifestyle, not another fitness program!

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; 13th October 2016

I’m not sure what inspired me to shift behaviour, but I returned from an early summer holiday with a new desire to invoke change. I have previously described my self as a binge-exerciser. I would systematically train for an event or challenge, be it a marathon, a cycling sportive, a triathlon 70.3, whatever, but then would slip back into a state of apathy. My fitness was always black and white. I could swim, bike or run (slightly better than average) all day long, or I would be struggling to rack up a 5km jog. There was no middle ground.   I was either ‘in training’ or ‘in-active’, both were …


The Ickle Pickles Tooting Aquathlon - Race Report

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; 17th September 2016

The morning on Saturday 17th September at Tooting Bec Lido saw competitors line up for the second annual Ickle Pickles Tooting Aquathlon. Once again we had a fabulous group of aquathletes join us, ranging from seasoned multisport veterans all the way through to keen first timers.

After the heat of London earlier in the week, this morning was more autumnal as we gathered for a chilly 7:30am start. Participants entered the water individually in 10 second intervals at the start of the 450m swim, just 5 lengths of the iconic Tooting Lido. The temperature of the pool was significantly higher …

SwimRun Transition.jpg

SwimRun Transition Training

Chloë; Love SwimRun Organiser; January 2016

Transitions during SwimRunning are an important element of a successful race. Going from running to swimming and from swimming to running requires practice in different ways. Whilst swimming after a run is more about regulating your breathing, running after a hard swim requires your legs to adapt to both the rigors and the mechanics of running as soon as you exit the water.

Training for SwimRun can be a little logistically complicated unless you have a lake with good running trails straight from the shore close by. Since most triathletes will train in a pool, usually indoors, go…


Hosting a Stair Climb Event – What’s in it for you?

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; 29th June 2016

Stair climb events are becoming more common in the UK as charities partner with some of Britain’s high profile landmarks to host these mass participation events with a difference. Here we examine the benefits of hosting or partnering in ‘tower running’ events; some benefits are obvious, some less so. 


So let’s start with what is at the heart of tower running and where it has found its principal catalyst; acting as a means to raise money for good causes. The Empire State Building Run Up is the longest running event globally, having celebrated it’s 39th anniversary this year making it …


New To Tri? Total Motion’s Triathlon Top 10s

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; 20th June 2016

Are you new to triathlon? Have you been trawling the web and social media to pick up a few tips to try and improve your raceday experience? This is a cycle that lots of us follow as we look forward (or not) to our first tritahlon experience. Then after the bug has bitten; how can we shave time of the PB. I am by no means an expert, but I have searched the web and added a few snippets of personal experience to come up with my Top 10 tips for each discipline. Whether you are heading into your first sprint, or tackling season two and looking to shed some excess seconds from your Olympic distance …


The Broadgate Tower Stair Climb - 29 May 2016

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; 29th May 2016

The first Total Motion Events stair climb of 2016 was staged at the popular Broadgate Tower venue in the heart of the City of London for race 2 of the UK Championships. The event saw an impressive array of elites assemble to compete for TWA ranking points in this Trial 60 event as well as the top prize of travel packages to compete in China courtesy of The Asian Oceanian Vertical Marathon Association.

The male field comprised a strong UK contingent including last November’s winner Mark Sims as well as the Sirrs brothers, Rich and Dan and joined by David Robles and Christian Lopez Rodriguez fre…


Challenge Yourself with Total Motion Events

Francesca Lee; The SW Journal; April 2016

Balham resident Matt Hudson is an inspiration. After a 20-year career in the City, 15 years of that working in equities, he made the brave move of leaving his job and following his passion to set up an events company called Total Motion Events. “I felt my role was changing at work and my heart just wasn’t in it any more,” he tells me. However, Matt put a lot of time and investment into making the big move...


Towerrunning European Championship 2016 ‘From the outside in.’

Matt Hudson; Total Motion Events; 14th March 2016

Matt Hudson of Total Motion Events takes a look behind the scenes of the little known sport of Towerrunning as he seeks to get under the skin of the sport at the highest level.  Matt accepted an invite to meet up with those at the centre of Towerrunning at the European Championships in Warsaw last weekend.

This was my opportunity to move from the outside of this mysterious world and get an insiders view of how events of this magnitude really work and to mix with those elites athletes who travel the world to run these crazy races.  (Yes, there is such a thing as an elite towerrunner, and boy …