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Welcome to Total Motion Events, the specialist events company for corporates, clubs and charities looking to engage their employees, members and supporters by creating a bespoke event.

We create all types of sport-focused participation events, but we truly specialise in the increasingly popular stair climbs We have taken a leading role in stair climb events in the UK over recent years, both organising our own climb events in the UK, and consulting on others.  Stair climbs are great fundraising activities, on average achieving a 5X ROI for our charity partners.

Total Motion Events can take away all the work involved in organising an event.  We manage everything from sourcing a venue through to advertising and promotional support, leaving you free to focus on increasing employee or supporter participation.

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What are the benefits of working with Total Motion Events?

  • We can assist with everything from event conception through to delivery.

  • We assist with venue sourcing

  • We assist with advertising and promotion of your event

  • A minimal use of your staff resources.

  • Our charity partners typically see a return of over 5 times their investment

  • We can (if required) bring multiple charities together to share costs.

  • We are stair climb specialists

Case Study - The Rainbow Trust Children's Charity

Case Study - The Rainbow Trust Children'

Case Study - The Rainbow Trust Children's Charity
Rainbow Trust approached Total Motion Events to help them create a bespoke stair-climbing event at a brand new venue, aimed specifically at their corporate partners.  TM worked as an extension to the team at Rainbow Trust, focusing on the logistics of the stair climb to ensure that the event ran smoothly from registration through to the finish line and beyond.  

Total Motion's expertise in stair climb events meant that Rainbow Trust was able to put more time into the recruitment of participants and together we created a really exciting event that received fantastic feedback from participants and everybody involved.

Importantly the #Grate48 event managed to raise a significant sum of money for the charity, and equally as valuable created an impressive user experience leading to a repeat of the feat in future years, capitalising on the great foundation built in year 1.

Case Study - The Broadgate Tower Run Up

Case Study - The Broadgate Tower Run Up.

Total Motion Events prides itself on helping smaller charities offer their supporters a bespoke, branded event, whilst minimising the financial and staffing risks associated with event creation.

The annual Broadgate Tower Run Up is a great example, where Total Motion creates a stair climb challenge for any participant to raise money for a charity of their choice.  Total Motion Events builds the event from the ground up, so all a charity need do is pay for the number of places they need.  Because we attract a wide audience we are also able to offer multiple climb challenges with participants taking on anything from 1 to 12 climbs.  This then makes the challenge proportionate to the participants and inherently more 'sponsorable'!

If you feel this could be an option for your charity or for your business looking to 'step up' your charitable giving, then please contact us for information on our next stair climb event.


What better way to promote awareness and raise funds for your charity than to host an event tailored specifically for you to attract your target audience? We are also pioneering partnerships amongst smaller charities to team up to stage a jointly branded event, minimising risks associated with events, whilst still giving you a platform for supporters to get involved and raise those all important funds.



Looking for that perfect event to help build an inclusive team culture, maybe you are looking to cater for clients and build brand awareness or raise money for your chosen cause? Then you are in the right place. Talk to us to see how we can help build your ideal event. Alternatively why not contact us about collaborating with us and associate your brand with one of our forthcoming events.



Are you a health club, running club, triathlon club? Your search for new members is perpetual, so what better way to showcase your friendly club ethos, and raise your profile then to host your own event or partner with us on one of ours to reach a new audience. Contact us to see how we can work together.



Are you looking for a way to bring the pupils and parents together to participate in an event to foster teamwork, a sense of community or raise money for your school or local charity? Then why not speak to Total Motion to see how we can work together to stage your perfect event.

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