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Broadgate Tower Run Up

2020 Event Cancelled

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2020 Event Cancelled

Established in 2016, The Broadgate Tower Run Up is Total Motion's flagship stair climb event. Now in it's new summer slot, participants will climb the Tower's 877 steps over 35 floors to be rewarded with spectacular views across London.

As well as being open to competitors raising money for charity, we also offer the opportunity to those who simply want to challenge themselves on the stairs. With climb options of a single ascent, a 3 ascent 1/4 Vertical Mile, and a 12 ascent Full Vertical Mile.  Additionally, we will have a 6 climb 1/2 Vertical Mile coming in 2020. We also have participants taking on all categories in a bid to receive a medal for each challenge!


The beauty of The Broadgate Tower Run Up, is participants may raise money for a charity of their own choosing, something unique in the stair climb world.  So, if you are a charity, we'd love to hear from you and discuss the best way to become an event partner and offer your supporters something a little bit different. There is no obligation for you to commit to a minimum number of places, so you only pay for the places you need. Please contact us for further information.

Elite Race

The Broadgate Tower Run Up is now a regular fixture in The Vertical World Circuit, which sees international elites travel from across the globe to Broadgate Tower.  These athletes are truly phenomenal and are a real focal point of the event. Please contact us to discuss eligibility for the 2020 elite race.

Event Partnerships

There are numerous opportunities for corporate and brand sponsorships at The Broadgate Tower Run Up, if you wish to find out more about how we can work together at the next event, then please contact us.

Total Motion Towerrunners

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See you at Broadgate Tower!

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