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Total Motion Towerrunners


Put simply, the Total Motion Towerrunners are an inclusive community who share a common love of climbing stairs, but we do so for a variety of reasons - often more than one!


Some are looking to use the stairs as part of their journey to a healthy, fitter lifestyle, others are looking to maximise the cross training opportunity to complement other sports. Although, some see stair climbing as a sport in its own right and train specifically for stair climb events that take place in the UK and abroad. 

Whatever the reason to train in a stairwell, the Total Motion Towerrunners are a friendly and inclusive community. Everybody from stair novices to international elite racers are welcomed and supported to achieve and surpass their own goals at our weekly training sessions at Broadgate Tower in The City of London.

If you want to find out more about Total Motion Towerrunners join our social communities:

Instagram | TM_Towerrunners
Facebook  | Total Motion Towerrunners

See you at Broadgate Tower!

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