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Total Motion Towerrunners - Stair Climbing Community

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Put simply, the Total Motion Towerrunners are an inclusive community who share a common love of climbing stairs, but we do so for a variety of reasons - often more than one!


Some are looking to use the stairs as part of their journey to a healthy, fitter lifestyle, others are looking to maximise the cross training opportunity to complement other sports. Although, some see stair climbing as a sport in its own right and train specifically for stair climb events that take place in the UK and abroad.  

Whatever the reason to train in a stairwell, the Total Motion Towerrunners are a friendly and inclusive community. Everybody from stair novices to international elite racers are welcomed and supported to achieve and surpass their own goals at our weekly training sessions at Broadgate Tower in The City of London.. There is no need to feel intimidated as we come together to encourage each other and pass on tips to help improvement - it's a really inclusive vibe.

Newbies, discovering stair climbing as a fitness activity, often feel daunted by the sheer number of steps that we can climb within a training session. (We typically train at the 35 floor Broadgate Tower, with its 877 steps to the top) Without exception and with some support, we quickly see that those fears soon dissipate to be replaced with a huge sense of accomplishment. It’s at this point we see the switch in people, and rather than fearing the steps, they are galvanised to keep challenging themselves to climb more floors, improving their pace. It really brings out the competitive spirit. Climbing hundreds of steps is not easy for anybody, regardless of fitness level, so there is a real empathy and camaraderie within the community as all achievements are recognised and applauded.

TMT began in 2016 as a small group of individuals that met at UK stair climbing events and wanted to take things to the next level and started training together. Since then the popularity of stair climbing as a sport has begun to take off in the UK with our community of towerrunners leading the way.

Now TMT have a super engaged Facebook group where we chat online about all things stair climb related, including training advice, upcoming events and personal fitness stories.  Offline, we can be found on Tuesday evenings at Broadgate Tower in London on Tuesday evening as well as weekly training sessions in Singapore which are proving incredibly popular. Come and join the group, be part of the conversation and find out for yourself what it’s all about and how it can benefit you.

See you on the stairs!

Facebook | Total Motion Towerrunners Instagram | TM_Towerrunners Website | TMT Training (London) Webiste | TMT Training (Singapore) Email | Total Motion Events

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