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You Know You Are a Towerrunner When…

We all love to climb the stairs of skyscrapers and as this sport continues to grow in popularity there are more and more people starting to join the community from all over the world. And if you have got into the sport of tower running you will know just how addictive it can be. The adrenaline of the start, the thrill of the pain, the burn in your legs, and not to mention the view from the top! So how do you know if you are a true tower runner? Well you will probably relate to at least one of the following if not all of them!

You find yourself admiring staircases and thinking how nice that carpet would be to run up…

You take all steps no matter where you are two at a time, always two at a time.

You would never dream of standing still on an escalator, stairs are for moving!

You can look at any building and instantly know how many floors it has and what the height is.

You have had this conversation:

  • Friend 'What are you doing this weekend?

  • You ‘I've got a race’

  • Friend ‘Oh cool, what distance?’

  • You ‘48 floors’

  • Friend ‘Huh?’

  • You ‘I’m a stair climber’

  • Friend ‘A what?’

And then you spend the next 20 minutes convincing them how amazing it is and to give it a go.

If you come across some steps on holiday (or anywhere for that matter) you have to run up them and get a photo or video to show your stair climbing friends.

All of your holidays are planned around competitions and skyscraper filled cities.

You can’t even look at a staircase without planning your race strategy to the top, two steps, run/fast walk, handrails/no handrails? It doesn’t really matter it’s just one flight of stairs to your office…

You are yet to find one use-able photo of yourself taken on the stairs, apparently exhausted, sweaty red faces don’t make for a nice photo.

You have no savings left because you have travelled the world racing up staircases.

… but you have travelled to some of the most incredible places that you otherwise would have never visited and met the best people from all over the world all because of this brilliant sport and so you wouldn’t have it any other way!

Looking for a Total Motion Stair Climb to compete in? Why not check out our upcoming events, non charity places are usually available too

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