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10 Things You Didn't Know About Stair Climbing

The increasingly popular activity and sport of stair climbing (also known as tower running) is growing quickly in recent years in the UK. It is playing catch up to many other countries across Europe, America and Asia where it is already very established. The beauty of stair climbing is that anyone can do it and introduce it into their daily routine, it's free and it doesn't take up much of your time. Total Motion want to help spread the word so here are ten things you probably didn’t know about stair climbing or tower running.                              

It burns more calories than running - Experts and health professionals class stair climbing as ‘vigorous’ exercise because we are fighting against gravity and therefore forced to work harder than when jogging. It is estimated that we use up to 200 muscles every time we take one step upwards.

It will save you time - It’s nearly always quicker to take the stairs than wait for a lift and stopping at every floor on the way up (unless you are very lucky). You will also avoid those awkward lift moments that we all encounter so it really is a win win.

There are free apps available that allow you to track your stair climbing activity - Step Jockeyencourages stair climbing in your office building via the use of 'smart signs', apps and it's gamification platform. Another app is Stair Force, which counts steps and altitude climbed throughout the day allowing you to compete against friends.

It can reduce your risk of a heart attack - Seven minutes stair climbing a day can halve the risk of heart attack over 10 years (as researched by Step Jockey).

It gives you more energy than coffee - Initial research from an ongoing study at The University of Georgia suggests that 10 minutes of stair climbing in the middle of the day boosts energy levels more than a 50mg dose of caffeine. Imagine how much money you could save too?!

It could reduce your chances of injury in other sports - Check out our blog on the link between stair climbing and marathon training/running. There are two main reasons stair climbing will improve your marathon time and the same principal applies to many other sports too…

It is a globally competitive sport - Elite stair climbing athletes will battle it out in the Vertical World Circuitand the Towerrunning World Asssociation, racing up the staircases of skyscrapers around the world. The towerrunning world is dominated by Suzy Walsham and Piotr Łobodziński, both of whom come from running backgrounds.

The first official US stair race took place at the Empire State Building in 1978 - To this day this is one of the hottest stair climbing races on the tower running calendar with competitors racing up it's 86 flights and 1,576 steps.

The longest tower running event in the world is 39,700 steps - This event takes place in Radebeul, Germany and is an ultra-marathon lasting a full 24 hours. Participants have to climb up and down the Spitzhaustreppe stairs 100 times, which corresponds to 8,848 meters of elevation and 39,700 steps. This puts into perspective climbing a few flights of stairs each day instead of taking the lift? 

London plays host to several stair climbing events throughout the year - why not give one a go! Click here for a full list of upcoming events in the UK. Total Motion is currently offering 20% off the Total Motion Broadgate Tower Run Up this November – this event is suitable for all abilities - hopefully see you there.

Looking for a Total Motion Stair Climb to compete in?  Why not check out our upcoming events, non charity places are usually available too

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