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Aquathlon Tips for Beginners

An aquathlon is a multisport event consisting of a swim followed by a run which is timed from start to finish including the time it takes you to jump out of the pool and into your trainers, aka ‘transition’. Taking part in your first multi-sport event can be a daunting prospect so if you find yourself signed up for one or you are thinking about it then we hope this blog tells you everything you need to know.                                                      

We’ve gathered the best tips and tricks from multi-sport athletes and coaches to get you ready for your first race:


“Get in the pool and start practicing your predicted race pace so you get a feel for it. Swimming is not like running or cycling where you can track your speed with a smart watch, in the pool you just have to go on feel. The better idea you have of your pace pre-race the more you will enjoy it.” Gary Layborne, 2017 Total Motion Aquathlon Winner and GB Age Grouper

"If you get the chance, do a short run after a swim session to get used to the sensation - it feels strange!" Matt Hudson, Total Motion Founder

“Practice taking off your wetsuit! This can be tough if you get flustered so try to practice getting in and out of it beforehand.” George Bright, Head of Triathlon at Clapham Chasers

“Arrive nice and early so you are not rushed on race day.” Ed Harman, Ironman Triathlete

“Familiarise yourself with the course, most importantly knowing where you come into and out of transition and exactly where your section is within transition. And listen to the race briefing!” Teresa Leese, Total Motion Marketing Manager and GB Age Grouper

The Swim

“Don’t panic and don’t go out too fast on the swim. When you come out of the water take a few deep breaths to stop any dizziness into transition.” Yiannis Christodoulou, GB Age Group Aquathlon Team Captain and National Age Group Silver Medalist.

"After you have settled in to the swim, try to swim on the feet on the person in front of you (but don't hit their feet!) to conserve energy and get into a nice rhythm." Teresa Leese, Total Motion Marketing Manager and GB Age Grouper

“Kick HARD in the last 25m of the swim to make sure your legs are awake and you have blood flowing to them. As soon as you step out of the water unzip your wetsuit and take your goggles and swim hat off holding them in one hand, then take your arms out of the sleeves leaving goggles and swim hat in the sleeve, this way you don’t lose them. You can do all of this while jogging through to transition with your wetsuit down to your waist.” George Bright, Head of Triathlon at Clapham Chasers


"Ensure your kit is laid out properly to minimise faffing" Matt Hudson, Total Motion Founder

“Speed up your transition time by using elastic laces, it is impossible to tie a shoe lace when your hands are cold out of the water. Also use talcum powder in your shoes if you are not wearing socks, as it’s easier to get wet feet into them. Only go bare foot if you have practiced this pre-race, never do anything new on race day.” Jess Thorpe, Total Motion Aquathlon Winner and GB Age Grouper.

The Run

“Run out of transition with a high cadence (fast feet) and drive your arms forward to get you into your race pace. Most importantly, enjoy it!” Ed Harman, Ironman Triathlete

"Concentrate on the runners in front of you and try to keep contact/chase them down" Matt Hudson, Total Motion Founder

Kit List

  • Wetsuit - check if mandatory or not

  • Tri Suit

  • Goggles - different kinds for open water and pool swims

  • Swim hat - one will usually be provided but you may wish to double up

  • Towel – use to identify your transition area

  • Running shoes

  • Race Belt

  • Water Bottle

If you have signed up for your first aquathlon, congratulations! If not, what are you waiting for?

The Total Motion Aquathlon is taking place on 30th May at Tooting Lido, the UK’s largest fresh water swimming pool. This is the perfect place to try your hand at an aquathlon and put these tips into practice. Enjoy a pool-based swim without having to face the worries of open water and experience the flat and fast run course around Tooting Common. Last year we had a range of abilities and ages participating, it really is an event for everyone and anyone. Register Now.

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